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Beyond standard solutions

We know what a deadline is. Quite well, in fact, because whether or not a sporting event can go ahead is dependent on our work. And we know all about customer specifications and the pressure to succeed. We aren’t going to tell you it’s all fun and games. But we also know that sometimes a detour leads straight to the finish line. And that creativity and passion can’t be squeezed into boxes. RACE RESULT has always dreamed big — two words: the Olympics — but we’re also convinced that unconventional is the way forward. So we’ll offer you space to experiment and to develop new methods and solutions. And if you make a mistake? It’s not the end of the world. We expect and encourage initiative and autonomy in all our employees. That means, if you have a good idea, let it be heard. We’re not shy about ours. That’s how we’ve not only cultivated a productive and open workplace culture, but also become a technology leader in our industry.

Blocks of emmental cheese consumed in the emc chamber:


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Belly rubs for our dog Lennox:

Employees who traveled to events around the world in 2019:


Sound like a good fit?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like or where you used to work. For us, all that matters is your ability, your enthusiasm and your will to follow through. We rely on each other, accept differences and value common ground. Corporate culture isn’t just an empty phrase for us — it means action. Being customer-oriented is also an important principle for what we do. Because in the end, we want everyone to benefit from our work. If you like to look beyond the proverbial horizon, you’re not afraid of responsibility and you can’t wait to get developing, then we’d love to meet you.

And what do our colleagues have to say?

"My job allows me to travel to places I would never have seen otherwise."

Thorsten Griesbach

Head of Support
"Three things that make RACE RESULT special? The team, the successful company history, coffee, fruit, water, barbecue events, ice cream ... nothing is missing!"

Janine Gehrlein

Head of HR
"My perfect workday? Spending all day tinkering with a prototype and getting it to work in the end."

Nikias Klor

"For me, success is when you accompany a project from PC to series production, everything works and the customer likes it."

Manuel Fessler

Mechanical Engineer
"What can we do even better? Somehow we run out of beer and ice cream all the time and then there's only a fruit basket and Jaro's schnapps."

Sönke Petersen

"What success means to me? Taking responsibility, implementing things and sometimes failing."

Felix Schöppe

Head of Operations

If you find yourself thinking

“Hey, that could be me!”, then why not get to know us personally?
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