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We are RACE RESULT. We have revolutionized timekeeping in sports. That’s why we’re the technology leader on the worldwide market. And yes, we’re proud of that. But we still think we can be even better. Smarter. More innovative. We rely on creative solutions, personal initiative and inventive flair. And we’re looking for talented people who can help us think outside the box. Are you game?


It doesn’t matter if your lunch is a salad or a pizza. If you listen to metal or pop, ride a bike or drive a sports car. At RACE RESULT, we’re all wired a little differently — and we see that as an advantage. We enjoy the freedom to find our own paths. The freedom to experiment and to make mistakes. Because we need the space to think and work freely before we can create something new. That’s what we believe.
How about you?

"My job allows me to travel to places I would never have seen otherwise."

Thorsten Griesbach

Head of Support

"Three things that make RACE RESULT special? The team, the successful company history, coffee, fruit, water, barbecue events, ice cream ... nothing is missing!"

Janine Gehrlein

Head of HR

"My perfect workday? Spending all day tinkering with a prototype and getting it to work in the end."

Nikias Klohr


Flexible working hours.

Are you an early riser or late riser? It doesn't matter! You have flexibility to set your own working hours. If you like to do a long run at lunch, just continue to work later in the evening..

Individual responsibility.

You can oversee your own projects. We believe in flat hierarchies and trust in your expertise..

Individual vacation planning.

You will not find annoying holiday applications with us. Everyone plans their vacation after brief consultation with colleagues from the department..

Opportunity for working remotely.

You are free to work from home two days a week..

Family-friendly workplace.

You work as it suits you in your daily schedule. We are considerate when there is a family emergency..

Great work-life-balance.

We want to avoid overtime. You can complete your projects within the agreed working hours..

Performance-oriented salary.

Performance pays off for you. Your salary increases with the responsibility you take on at the company..

Respectful etiquette.

We rely on each other, accept differences and value similarities. We are proud of our good working atmosphere..

Fab colleagues.

We are not just colleagues. Everyone supports each other. We don't know rigid departmental thinking..

Profit sharing.

A fixed percentage of the company's profit is distributed to employees every year..

Great development opportunities.

With exceptional performance and commitment, all company doors are open to you..

Opportunity for experimentation.

Only those who can try things out develop new ideas. It's okay if you sometimes end up in a dead-end when developing innovations..

Stock program.

The shares in our company are 100% owned by employees. Each employee can purchase shares themselves..

Business trips to events.

With us you will have the opportunity to visit trade fairs or sporting events worldwide..

Monthly goodies.

Our HR and party committee will surprise you monthly with vouchers or small events..

Free fruit & drinks.

Believe us, there is always something waiting in the kitchen ;-).

Free parking.

The parking spaces directly in front of our office building are free of charge for you..

Free charging stations.

While you work, your electric car or bike can charge for free..

Benefits for childcare.

We subsidize the contributions for the day care of your children..

Company events.

You will be regularly invited to joint celebrations, events or excursions. We also cook and eat together on the first Thursday of every month..

Top modern workplace.

Our office building is new and offers you both a modern workplace and beautifully furnished relaxation areas such as terraces or kitchens..

At RACE RESULT, you won’t just be developing software, you’ll be developing your career.

We are developers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, sales managers. But more than that, we’re inventors, traveling salespeople, sports fanatics, forward-thinkers. Here, you could start as a printer and end up as Head of Electronics. Or go from interpreter to global support manager. You see, we don’t care much for straight-laced résumés. We’re much more interested in what you can do than where you’re coming from.
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